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Sound/Proof: an exhibition of sound art by Frederick Brummer

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Sound/Proof: an exhibition of sound art by Frederick Brummer

February 11 – March 13

café for contemporary art
140 East Esplanade
North Vancouver, BC
Canada, V7L 4X9
tel: 778-340-3379





Café for Contemporary Art is proud to welcome “Sound/Proof: an exhibition of sound art by Frederick Brummer” to our main gallery.

Frederick Brummer makes one-of-a-kind sound machines.

Playfully combining musical instruments, sensors and effects devices with everyday objects he offers a tactile, analogue, experiential approach to electronic music. With a down tone aesthetic that may be considered somewhat Canadian (in a wool sweater, pastiche kind of way), the objects themselves combine various electronics with materials that are often second-hand or well used, making for approachable, comfortable space-mates with unique abilities.

The artist himself is deferential, polite, not wishing to impose, but at the same time, a witty, playful perfectionist who is willing to experiment and make some noise; a fun guy to hang out with who you wouldn’t be shy about bringing over to your grandma’s house. And this is clearly understood when experiencing his art.

Brummer grew up in a material environment full of guitars, four-tracks, distortion pedals and kind creative music making people. He was later altered through the influence of a seven years long experience in Japan where along with various differences in social norms, due to spatial and material constraints all he had room to create musically was digital. In large part, we have these constraints to thank for invigorating him, upon his return to Canada, to create an extensive series of hybrid, interactive sound sculptures that meld the digital with the analogue, the rustic with the electronic and return music making to a tactile experience of the body.

A relatively young artist, musician, interactivity designer and co-organiser of Vancouver’s premier electronic music festival, Square Waves, Brummer has exhibited at various venues including W2, The Vancouver Art Gallery, The Surrey Art Gallery and Telus World of Science. Meanwhile his music has taken him up and down the West Coast of North America and throughout Asia and Europe. His is an exciting practice and hopefully this exhibition will help to bring further attention to his work and help propel him on his way.

In addition to the sound sculptures being on display and available for play until March 13, they will be used in the following series of musical performances featuring friends and associates of the artist:

Saturday, February 12
Jesse Gentes, Destanne Lundquist

Saturday, February 19
Julian Gosser, Keenan O’Connor

Saturday, February 26
Control Voltage, Spectrum Interview

Saturday, March 5
Kristen Roos, Josh Hite, Corner, 30stone

***all music events begin at 8pm***
***entrance is by donation***

For more information contact:


“The Solo Sessions” – aka Acoustic Night Returns!

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The Solo Sessions

Big news, people! And I mean Big….after a long 3 weeks with no live music, Acoustic Night is mounting a fierce comeback, with a snappy new name: The Solo Sessions.

This Saturday, between 7 and 9pm, come down to cafca to catch some of Vancouver’s hottest up-and-coming artists! We have eight extremely talented musicians lined up to play, plus some surprise special guests! I don’t know about you but the special guests really make me curious….I’m working, so I’ll be there – will you?

The best part of the event: it’s completely FREE! No cover charge. Now there’s really no excuse not to come out! We’re right by the seabus, close to all kinds of transportation; we have delicious food; and our coffee has been known to change lives! Factor in live, ridiculously awesome, free music and great people….you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do the math.

So to sum up:

  • FREE live music
  • some of Vancouver’s hottest artists
  • AWESOME coffee
  • AWESOME food
  • AWESOME people

Now the only question left is how many people will you bring along?

See you there!



PS – this night is going to be the HUGE, so if you want good seats – come early!

Acoustic Night, Episode 3

Posted in music, posts by Tim by Tim on July 18, 2009

I’ve been more than a little lackadaisical this week, hence the abominably late nature of this post. Sorry for that!

Anyways, our third Acoustic Night was by all accounts a roaring success! Thank you to all who came out. First up was Very Nice Treehouse, composed of our very own Holly, and her fiancé Scott. They play soft folk-rock and I loved hearing their music. They are very, very talented and you can catch them today at FolkFest! (That’s not true Tim!)I would be there, but I’m working (what a choice! Miss them or miss the opening? I couldn’t decide, so I settled for inaction).

Our second musician was Tony Farese. He plays a bluesy rock, and apologized for “ruining the chill mood” (don’t tell him that he didn’t!). He played some originals and some covers towards the end of his set. His day job includes doing covers, so he took requests at the end.

And I got a new camera! I’m not saying (writing?) that to make you all jealous, but it directly impacts the experience of our readers! You see, it films in HD! And the audio is fairly decent, too. So when you see that button beside our videos now, you’ll know that we’re not just fooling around.

As we have Woodfibre, the awesome 16mm experimental film loop, opening on Friday and on exhibit until Sunday, there will be no music night on Saturday this week. You can see Woodfibre on Friday between 6 and 9, and on Saturday and Sunday between 1 and 5 (same time for both days). I’ve seen bits of it already, it looks super-cool. Stop by and check it out! I’ll be working Friday and Satuday, 2-10 – say you read the blog post and watch me light up with joy!

Videos and tidbits after the jump.


Acoustic Night Numero Deux! 4 July

Posted in music, posts by Tim by Tim on July 11, 2009

Last Saturday was our second Acoustic Night – we had three performers. First up was Doug Gordon, a new performer full of charisma and smiles. He played mainly covers, and gave us a little preview of what Tony Farese will be playing tonight! Next were The Voltophonix, composed of Brandon and Tak. They play instrumental rock (and do it very well). Besides wowing us with the cool name, the two guitarists brought a laid-back, chill sound to the café. We were glad to have them and hopefully we’ll see them back again.

Last, but certainly not least, was Jeremy Hanlon (his father lent us the PA for our first show). Jeremy plays guitar and has been singing for quite awhile. He’s a student at Creativ Music, over by Park and Tilford. Jeremy has a great voice and character aplenty. He’s a good friend of mine and is, among other things, completely unable to cover a song without changing it. His cover of Britney Spear’s “One More Time” had the audience coincidentally roaring with laughter and tapping their feet. He also played “Kill the Zombies”, a song that has taken the internet by storm and was a fan favourite.

Most unfortunately, my camera’s battery wasn’t up to taking videos, so all I have are pictures. On the brighter side, Brandon and Tak brought along an audio-recorder for the show, so I have most of the show recorded and I’ll post the audio, along with the pictures, as soon as I can.

Speaking of music, don’t forget that we have another show tonight! Playing is Very Nice Treehouse, composed of Holly (our resident Kiwi) and her fiancé Scott, along with Tony Farese. The show runs 7-9, and we’re open till 10. See you there!



PS – my camera’s battery is ready to go for tonight, so there will be video aplenty!

Acoustic Night – Pe+Adam+Marek, Jess Perkins

Posted in music, posts by Tim by Tim on June 30, 2009

On Saturday, cafca had its first-ever Acoustic Night! The show went very well…we sold so much earl grey tea that we ran out of teacup sets. We started selling it in to-go cups – that worked until we ran out of the teabag-things. After that it was free upgrades to a pot for all!

The show itself was full of talent. Performing were Pe + Adam + Marek, a very talented acoustic rock trio, and Jessica Perkins, who wowed us with her voice and her smile. Up first was Jess – she and her band (I’d tell you their name but it changes constantly) performed at CityFest and brought the house down…the show was outside, but the metaphor stands regardles. I’ve never seen such stage presence and energy from a group as young as theirs. Jess brought similar energy and presence to cafca. Included in her setlist were Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me”, and three great originals, two of which are here: “The Backroad”, and “Make Me Believe”.

(videos and more after the jump)