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Posted in exhibitions, Uncategorized by Robyn P. Yager on May 17, 2010

Some of you may know that Cafe for Contemporary Art has a lot of merchandise for sale.

I would like to introduce you to some of t-shirts available at our cafe.

The designs of Afshin Sabouki, Adrian Boston, and Carla Trevisi are all available at our cafe!

Afshin Sabouki’s designs were created last year as a reaction to the elections in Iran.



Adrian Boston’s shirts are a humorous comment on the visual bias of t-shirt design.



Carla Trevisi is a graphic designer who worked with Cafe for Contemporary Art from January to June of 2009. She was hired for her quirky sense of humour in her design portfolio.  It was hoped that early on we could share her designs through t-shirts.  And now they have finally arrived and they are lovely.

These horrible photographs do not do these pieces justice, so you’re going to have to come in for yourself and take a look.

(Most t-shirts come in medium, large, extra large, let us know if you’re interested!)

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