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November exhibition at the cafe: LIVE COMMON GROUND

Posted in exhibitions by christinafroschauer on November 18, 2009

cafe for contemporary art presents…


An art exhibition featuring works by local artists Ben Bogart,
Michael Filimowicz, Helgi Kristinsson, and Morgan Rauscher

Show Dates: November 8th to 29th, 2009
Opening Party:
Thursday, November 12th, 7pm – 9pm
CAFCA address: 140 East Esplanade, N. Vancouver. 778.340.3379

Café for contemporary art presents LIVE COMMON GROUND, an exhibition featuring the works by local artists: Ben Bogart, Michael Filimowicz, Helgi Kristinsson, and Morgan Rauscher. Brought together by common interest, each artist uses electronics and new media, in their own unique ways, as a medium for creative production.

Often falling under the guise of gaming art or digital art, the discipline of “electronic arts” includes these elements and more, expanding into the artistic realms of robotics, video, audio, music, internet, circuitry, digital, wireless, among others. Acting as a window into this vast and intricate discipline, the show invites the gallery attendees to learn more about electronic art practices and programming. Often embracing interaction as an aspect of their work, electronic and new media artists necessitate audience participation to contribute to the completion of their pieces. Café for contemporary offers a two piece program inviting the audience to look, physically engage with, and learn more about circuitry, net based art, interactive video, and audio visual works on show in the gallery space. And lining the walls of the cafe, diagrams, patches, text, and schematics, provide an intimate window into the artist’s process and the “how to” of what’s involved in creating and programming art with electronics.

Please come out, meet the artists, and join us in celebrating the opening on November 12, 2009, from 7pm to 9pm (food and refreshments will be served).

Contacts: christina froschauer.604.781.4018
café for contemporaryart.778.340.3379.

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