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News from Montréal!

Posted in Coffee, posts by Tim, Recent Complicities by Tim on September 25, 2009

Hey guys – long time no talk!

Just thought I’d post a little blurb about what’s been going on out here in Québec. Lots of stuff, but first:
Photo 6

Nooooooo!!!!!! I’M OUT OF COFFEE!!!!!! What was in that bag, you ask? Ethiopian Sidamo, roasted by Café Mystique. It’s good! See?

Photo 1

Very few coffees get the sippy-thumbs-up. This one definitely does! Fantastic as an espresso but equally delicious as a brewed coffee. Grape-y, wine-y, mellow start into a floral sweetness and a dark chocolate/spice finish. Big, round mouthfeel. Yum!

Right when I arrived, I was lucky enough to visit Café Mystique and take a little tour. I also got to see the last part of the judges’ training – something that would have been awesome to do this year, but I’ll have to settle for next year. The Regionals were that weekend in the Just for Laughs Loft, a pretty cool venue if you ask me. I should have spent more time watching performances, but Les was looking for a barista to man the demo machine to make drinks for the public (the others were backstage setting up/tearing down) so I jumped on that. That went really well, but since then I haven’t even touched an espresso machine! I’m going through withdrawl….

In any case, the comp was really interesting to see. I watched Anthony Benda’s routine, and he was the clear winner – 15 minutes exactly, no less, no more! It would be interesting to see the scoresheets so I would be able to know what they actually managed to take points off for 😀

Since then, I’ve only been to Toi, Moi, et Café – Sevan’s (owner of Mystique) shop. I had to pick up some more of that Sidamo so I made the walk with a friend. It’s pretty close to campus, luckily enough! Café In Gamba is also up that way so I’ll be hitting that up this weekend. Depending on where Café Myriade is I might try and do that too! You never know, maybe Anthony will be working?

I was able to chat with a lot of the owners at the comp….Luke, who’s opened his own shop up this month (I think); the aforementioned Anthony Benda; Simon, one of the managers of Café Union; and several owners/managers from the East Coast who came to judge. Cool people all, and I learned a lot. It’s quite funny, really – every time I think I’m starting to know my way around the coffee world, I meet some people who just blow me away. Keeps my feet firmly planted on the ground, that’s for sure.

Once I pull off that crawl this weekend, I’ll be sure to post again. À bientot, mes amis!



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