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CafCA Speculative Architecture Series: TERMINAL VISIONS

Posted in Uncategorized by Matthew on July 30, 2009

photo by waferboard

The first installation of CafCA’s Speculative Architecture Series is taking shape. We’re calling it TERMINAL VISIONS and, broadly speaking, it presents an exploration into the nature of urbanism in Vancouver. More specifically, the project focuses on the stasis between construction and completion – evident throughout the city in places like False Creek and South Cambie (an industrial area at the foot of a new canadaline station that was the initial catalyst for this project) as well as the vacant storefronts of the new complex that is CafCA’s home amidst all of North Van’s burgeoning development. In addition to this, the project also considers the significance of speculative ‘visions’ as a part of both architectural praxis and cultural inventory – what happens to urban visions that are only partially realized?

What we’ve decided to do is present the project as itself a site of construction, boarding up our ongoing work, just giving glimpses through peep-holes and cracks into what’s happening inside. Ultimately there will be around five separate but related ‘visions’ behind the walls, each taking on different aspects of the the exhibit, opening up a range of tangents and conversations to take place.

Artists contributing to the exhibit, to be curated by Holly Beals, Sonia Novikova and Tyler Russel, include:

Andrea Demers
Christina Hirukowa
Daniel Irvine
Fred Sham
Jadis Treespirit
Matthew Blunderfield

The exhibit will be presented under construction from August 1st until the 28th, with the opening this Saturday acting as a stimulus for informal critiques and open discussions we hope will carry on in the Cafe throughout the month – we’ve gotten a liquor license for the night, and will be running the coffee bar too. See you there!

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