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Acoustic Night – Pe+Adam+Marek, Jess Perkins

Posted in music, posts by Tim by Tim on June 30, 2009

On Saturday, cafca had its first-ever Acoustic Night! The show went very well…we sold so much earl grey tea that we ran out of teacup sets. We started selling it in to-go cups – that worked until we ran out of the teabag-things. After that it was free upgrades to a pot for all!

The show itself was full of talent. Performing were Pe + Adam + Marek, a very talented acoustic rock trio, and Jessica Perkins, who wowed us with her voice and her smile. Up first was Jess – she and her band (I’d tell you their name but it changes constantly) performed at CityFest and brought the house down…the show was outside, but the metaphor stands regardles. I’ve never seen such stage presence and energy from a group as young as theirs. Jess brought similar energy and presence to cafca. Included in her setlist were Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me”, and three great originals, two of which are here: “The Backroad”, and “Make Me Believe”.

(videos and more after the jump)

“Kiss Me” – originally by Sixpence None the Richer

“Make Me Believe” – JP

“The Backroad” – JP

Up second was Pe + Adam + Marek. Up until Saturday afternoon, I thought it was just Pe and Adam playing the show; I had never seen Marek play with them. It was a pleasant surprise – Marek’s four strings added rhythm and another layer of groove to Pe’s percussive chordwork and Adam’s harmonic arpeggios. He also brought his singing voice with him and the three together threw down a solid three-part harmony in the original “Sing”. Their setlist (fetched from elsewhere at the last minute by Marek) was composed mostly of original songs. One cover they did do was “Beautiful Mess” by Jason Mraz – dedicated to Brody Harrison (the sheepish guy sitting beside Pe in the video). They also played an original song with one of the most interesting titles I’ve ever heard: “Heartbeat, Like a Claptrack”….In their typical fashion, the three played everything with flair and had heads nodding and feet tapping.

“Sing” – P+A+M

“Beautiful Mess” – originally by Jason Mraz

“Heartbeat, Like a Claptrack” – P+A+M

And that was a wrap! Or so I thought…there was actually a third set that nobody knew about until it happened. There’s a bit of a backstory to this, so bear with me here:

When Ben Konnelly and Lewis Forward of Matador heard that we were putting an event like this on, they let me know almost straight away that they wanted to play. Unfortunately, the first show already had two bands playing and all but one of them leave this week for Hornby, missing the second show and leaving Ben here on his own. They’ll be there until August sometime, so they miss all of July as well. With any luck Ben will be able to put a set together and play solo, more word on that later.

I knew they wanted to play, and with 3 members of the band at the show already, I asked them if they wanted to close the show with a couple songs. Ben said yes, so after borrowing some instruments and a quick soundcheck, they played an awesome cover “Where We Went Wrong” by the Hush Sound (one of my favourite songs!), and a very chill original called “In Case You Haven’t Noticed”.

“Where We Went Wrong” – Originally by the Hush Sound

“In Case You Haven’t Noticed” – Matador

And that was the show! I’d just like to thank everyone who came out – you convinced us that doing this sort of thing every Saturday is a good idea.

This Saturday (July 4th) we have Brandon, last name unkown, who plays instrumental rock and helped us test the acoustics of the gallery room. Playing with him is Tony Farese, a bluesy folk-rock guitarist and vocalist – his myspace is here. Depending on the schedule, we may have another artist performing – more on that later. The Blueberry Shakerato will make another appearance as signature drink. The show’s at cafca, 7-9ish. Come out for some awesome music, awesome food, awesome drink, and awesome company! See you there.



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