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Acoustic Night – Pe+Adam+Marek, Jess Perkins

Posted in music, posts by Tim by Tim on June 30, 2009

On Saturday, cafca had its first-ever Acoustic Night! The show went very well…we sold so much earl grey tea that we ran out of teacup sets. We started selling it in to-go cups – that worked until we ran out of the teabag-things. After that it was free upgrades to a pot for all!

The show itself was full of talent. Performing were Pe + Adam + Marek, a very talented acoustic rock trio, and Jessica Perkins, who wowed us with her voice and her smile. Up first was Jess – she and her band (I’d tell you their name but it changes constantly) performed at CityFest and brought the house down…the show was outside, but the metaphor stands regardles. I’ve never seen such stage presence and energy from a group as young as theirs. Jess brought similar energy and presence to cafca. Included in her setlist were Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me”, and three great originals, two of which are here: “The Backroad”, and “Make Me Believe”.

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Posted in posts by Tim by Tim on June 30, 2009

Hello, big bad intraweb. Nice to meet you.

I’m Tim and I’m a relatively new addition to the cafca squad of awesomeness. Look forward to an introduction to the rest of us very soon.

Some background on me:

I’ve been working at cafca for just over a month now and have experienced, among other things, what happens without the air conditioning, the disastrous results of a power surge that blew a fuse in our main grinder, and more than a few jittery spells (read: every time I’ve worked).

I just graduated from Handsworth Secondary and I’ll be off to McGill (Montreal) in the fall. With any luck I’ll be able to get a job working bar at one of the many world-class cafés there. I’ll be starting a blog of my own in a little while to keep the fam, friends, and everyone else up with life in Québec, but until then you can find me here 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get some cross-country dialogue going.

I’m a half-Aussie, quarter-Brit that loves coffee, politics, music, laughter, people, and life in general. This is why working at cafca really isn’t like work; I get to play with the Synesso and the Clover, chat about art and politics, and deal with people all day long. To do with the third, I came in with the idea of having live music played – Tyler had been thinking the same and he gave me the job of making it happen. The first cafca Acoustic Night happened last Saturday (the 27th), and they will be going all summer. Every Saturday, 6-9ish. You know where to find us….right? If not, it’s over in the sidebar somewhere —–>

(sidetrack) Speaking of that, if you’re a musician and would like to play, comment or leave an email and we’ll try and work something out.

There’s lot of other stuff I’m into – sports (ice hockey, specifically), the outdoors, reading, and the arts – I can’t dance to save my life but I love to act and do improv. I am/was a huge drama student (still figuring out the tense I should use for that) at Handsworth and I am proud to call myself a dramie.

I’m working two jobs right now, one at cafca – I’m working construction nearly full-time, and due to that I can only put in two shifts a week at the café. I’m there 2-10, Friday and Saturday. Stop by and say hi, I won’t bite! Promise!



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